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"SentientPoint delivers on its promise! The training presents a how-to, soup-to-nuts framework for developing business models for a Service Oriented Architecture. If you?re looking for a way to improve your design and development process, employ standards-based design tools, focus on repeatable design processes, and better manage risk, this course can?t fail to jump start your organization to that end!"

A.J. Walters
PhD Purdue University
College of Technology

Experience is Life's Best Teacher

SentientPoint training courses and mentoring services are designed to provide practical, practice-able, relevant, and results-delivering knowledge, skills and techniques in Business Architecture and Business Process Management (BPM). The courses are designed from a practical point of view?acknowledging that business needs determine business requirements and business processes. All courses are designed to provide business professionals, business architects, business and systems analysts, subject matter experts, project managers, designers and architects the knowledge, common language and tools to:

  • Evaluate organizational/operational problems
  • Identify a desirable future state
  • Effectively enact systemic changes
  • Respond to business challenges

Training course participants receive a solid understanding of Business Architecture and BPM-based design and modeling concepts. Each course provides hands-on experience, practical skills and proven techniques that can be used immediately to help organizations move to a process-centric business environment.

All courses are developed and taught by industry-recognized business professionals with extensive real world experience in a wide variety of industries and environments.