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"SentientPoint helped us transcend purely technical thinking and achieve a well-rounded business perspective. We created an optimal design based on business processes, workflow, roles and activities. Our solution wasn't constrained by limits encountered when business problems are approached from a strictly technical point of view. Getting to the true requirements of a new system was easier when we used SentientPoint's perspective to view the 'system' in a balanced and holistic way."

Kerrie Johnson
Senior Business Analyst

Experience the difference experience can make.

SentientPoint's consultants are skilled at designing Business Architectures that enable organizations to adapt in this rapidly-changing, global business environment, achieve strategic goals and maintain a competitive advantage.

Seasoned SentientPoint experts help organizations solve complex integration problems by providing business and IT staff with a common language and vision. This facilitates productive relationships and helps bridge communication gaps that so often derail enterprise-level initiatives.

Possessing broad bases of knowledge and extensive years of practical experience in the corporate trenches, SentientPoint consultants can readily adapt approaches to best address any organization?s particular needs, from the Rapid-Results Approach which quickly delivers critical projects, to the Learn-and-Apply Approach which incorporates training and mentoring into the work—educating client teams in new skills and techniques, reinforcing learning, and empowering them to succeed on their own—reducing dependence on external consultants.

SentientPoint areas of expertise include:

  • Business Architecture
  • Proram/project management
  • Portfolio management
  • Business process management
  • Business modeling
  • Problem root cause identification
  • Standards and best practices development
  • Current state analysis and future state modeling
  • Business rules development
  • Business process design
  • Business process framework
  • Data management strategy
  • Business process integration
  • Staff/team training and mentoring